Tuesday, March 14, 2017

2016 missing

There is this huge cloud over 2016 for me. I know I have not blogged for the whole year. But now I have finally moved on...

Losing my father last year was a big heartache. Living in another country, another continent makes it unbearable. I tend to look for something that will divert the thoughts temporarily.

Now I am ready to put them in writing. He was one of the great pillars in my life that I look up to. The person who is very considerate and appreciate the little efforts I put through back when I was young. Actually both my parents are the best parents anyone can wish for. Very ideal and they brought me up quite well and I am proud of that.

The day I learnt about my father's passing, was when I was with my older brother after he picked me up from NAIA. The emotions were not visible but in my heart it was in unimaginable pain. I let go of all the walls that I built to protect my composure and I hugged a friend. I started crying. But deep inside, I know that he is in a much better place and he would like us to move on and get on with our lives.

Throughout the year, I was doing my best at work. Trying to do what I like most. I am not bounded by traditions so I went on for holidays to Melbourne, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand and back to Philippines pre-Christmas. I learnt that my avenue for sorrow still belongs to travelling.

When I travel I go to a different mindset. A place where I venture the unexpected. Learn of other cultures. Appreciate the arts. See how other people in other countries live their life. And discover my thirst to explore something new.

Though I missed 366 days worth of entries on this blog, I know that I can encapsulate everything in one notion. That is, I learnt how to let go and I took baby steps to moving on. 

Thursday, December 3, 2015


So much to look forward to. Anticipating. I just wait with uncertainties but I have faith. I know everything will work out as He desires it.

I will be patient. I wait.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

crazy weather and some blabbering

firstly let me say that the weather is just so bad that makes me want to just go somewhere else except sydney. just on the weekend it was so intensely hot. now someone walks in and turns the switch around and now its really wintery cold. whats wrong with you sydney. arggh!

then this crazy woman in the office whom i shall call ape girl "jane" take note she's an executive but keeps on blabbering left and right at the topmost range her squeeeeky voice. far out! i just hope someone has the guts to say a big SHUTDAFUCKUP!

there you go. i realised blogging makes my soul bit lighter now. And again, Jane has a counterpart who seats adjacent to her. I call him Gimli, the king of dwarfs. Although he has no hair he is so barbaric and always makes the annoying noise all the time. As frequent as he smokes like a chimney! Anyway my two cents is that executives should either be stripped from their title if they don't have the proper decorum on how to act their age and how to act their positions. Also, they can go back to their caves where they truly belong.

anyway living in the city can be a pain. firstly the security guards are so strict i.e., when it comes to guest you have to signin and they have curfew! they treat us like all of us are studying. we're decent professionals for crying out loud. just counting the days till the lease expire and off we go! also the pain of travelling everyday to work. although only takes me 25 mins but for some reason i always feel exhausted day in day out.

whatelse, oh the good thing is that i started to read again. i finished a book called a thousand splendid suns, it was phenomenal. there were so many things i didn't realise about the middle east and its culture. the dark ages in afghan history. the way the story unfolds was really riveting and i love how each character develops in the journey that intertwines their own stories. at the end i can't help but marvel at how laila has redeemed herself and mariams memory lives on...

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Save the best for last. Istanbul.

My memories of Istanbul is very specific and distinct. You can tell that from all the places that I have been, Turkey is the most interesting of them all. You find a different culture, cuisine, people in a city where irony and contradiction is just in front of you. From old town to modern posh hotels. Church and mosque coincide peacefully. Richness of its culture from the various spices, cuisine that it has to offer. From Europe to Asia.

Two days that I was there I try to get the best out of Istanbul as much as I can. I would have stayed longer and I would have spent more money here. But that's the problem when you save the best for last. I mean you have limited time and money to see and experience everything. But I did not fail myself. I went to most places and I can go in two days. I've seen Aya Sofia, Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern, Topkapi, Grand Bazaar, Taksim, Karakoy, Galatica Bridge/Tower, Kadikoy, Optimum Outlet in Asian side. I wasn't able to eat much this time around and it would have been better if I did experience the best of Turkish Cuisine including the interesting elastic ice cream I've been hearing. But there's definitely a next time. I would come back to Turkey.

Last night in Istanbul I went to a historic hammam to experience it. I felt like the scrub took away all the toxins buildup from the rest of my european trip and replaced it fresh fragrance of the soap that I was soaked in.

I did enjoy the hotel I booked. Million Stone's hospitality is unparalleled. Vault Karakoy is too commercial and lacks honest warm hospitality of the former but their fa├žade is something they can boast to its guest. The only SLH where I didn't get the special treatment. But still its not too bad I like its hollow interior.

Contrary to Smart Traveller's advice of the high degree of caution due to danger. I did not feel any threat of danger at any point and perhaps this is one of the safest city I went to that I can think of. To be fair, I did walk past 12 at night on dark street but people are friendly and nice. Which makes Istanbul my second city after Paris that has special place in my travel vault.

Ja Taime, Paris

This city has its innate charms no matter what. The rained poured at night time but nothing can stop the allure that the city of lights can offer. I met my friends back in London randomly and we agreed to meet in Paris for our first night in the city. It was nice having photo taken at Tour Eiffel even with rain. I heard that Paris is more beautiful under the rain. I confirm it is equally beautiful no matter what.

Earlier that day we went to Hermes in Saint Honore, I believe this is the flagship. I was so gob smacked to see how massive it was and the range is endless. I did buy something for myself. Call it destiny but the belt I bought is a perfect match with my style.

Pressed with time I scanned my mind as to what I would be needing for the rest of the trip. I realised that I am about to ran out of clothes to wear. So thinking about brands, Zara is to Spain. Burberry is to. London. Hence, Kenzo is to Paris. I ended up buying the pair of shoes I've always wanted to buy online, this time I do have the size. Got a Tee as well with the infamous Kenzo Tiger.

Ended with a wonderful champagne and macarons complements from Les Jardin de la Villa. Ja'taime Paris. No matter what.

Except for custom pricks who confiscated my tax refund. schmucks!

Britain's Westend Fairytale and Wetlands. Pardon me, I meant Wasteland

London greeted me with a warm sunshine. Again it was concealing its true self. Similar to when I first arrive two years back. I went straight to my mates hotel just to drop of my bag and headed out to Westminister to see the familiar sites. For me the best hotdog in London is the stand just at Westminister Abbeys tail. While we were eating the heavy clouds started to breakout with light drizzle eventually turning into a crybaby pouring all over. It sucks because all our plans has to be cancelled and diverted into shopping spree. Yes I did get the shoes i planned for at Selfridges but. Marks and Spencer is nowhere to be found. Note to self is to research ahead of time. I taught I knew London very well as this is my third time in the city. I guess not.

Watched a musical at west end, it's one of the long running classics, Miss Saigon. Maybe it's the sheer exhaustion or the really bad weather dawning on me. But I think it's the vibe inside the theatre, warm and nourturing that quickly brought me to dreamland. To be fair I did enjoy the first half of the beginning act. The songs were familiar. But I struggled to snooze. The war scene and uprising is just to heavy to take. Yes I felt like I was in dreamland, fading away and not accomplishing anything. I was merely wishing things I planned for come into fruition. Oh well.

Felt like I wasted my time in London all for nothing. You are expensive. You are rude. You are unwelcoming. Your nothing but wasteland. Far out..

Weird Berlin.

The rain started in Berlin and went all the way to London and Paris. The experience was horrific. I went to Berlin Wall only to find out that it's only a tourist attraction at day time. It's completely hopeless at night. The signs weren't illuminated. To make it worse, Schoneberg is deserted. I read that Berlins nightlife is one of the best. But on a rainy Monday who would have guessed it was dead.

Two things stood out for me. One is the train s-bahn and u-bahn. I love the rail system in Berlin complicated yet easy to understand. Secondly, the people were nice. In particular the old lady who helped me navigate through the railway system. I talked with her all throughout the journey and learnt that she teaches German to foreign pupils. I got myself a quick session of the language with illustrations. She was nice and i realised that even though I wasn't able to see the historic places, sometimes going out to experience the warmth and hospitality like engaging with people is enough to satisfy my rainy journey in Germany.